⚠ While the geophone sensor enhances your recordings, be aware that specific  areas and places with strong electromagnetic fields may lead to occasional electromagnetic interference. Embrace these unique quirks as you explore the world of sound with Xeofón.

⚠ Please be cautious around credit cards (magnetic stripes), cardiac pacemakers, and ICDs, as the neodymium magnets may cause interference. 

Can I open Xeofón for repair?

We do not recommend opening Xeofón. Doing so may risk twisting and breaking the soldered cables inside. If you need to repair it, release the cable gland before opening it so that the cables inside are free to rotate without breaking.

What accessories can I use with Xeofón, and how do they attach?

At the bottom of the Xeofón case, there's an M4 thread. You can attach the provided neodymium magnet, suction cup, or spike. You can also try other accessories as long as they have an M4 thread and a length of no more than 6mm.

Why does the Xeofón make a sound when shaken?

The clinking sound when shaking Xeofón is normal and expected. It is caused by the inner moving coil inside.

Is it waterproof?

It is not.It's weather-resistant; however, please note that the sensor is exposed at the bottom, so handle it with care.

Should I use phantom power with Xeofón?

No, it will not damage the coil inside but it’s not necessary.