Pronounced "Shéh-oh-fón"

Xeofón, high sensitivity Omnidirectional Geophone for Field Recording.

The sensor inside is originally crafted for seismic measurements meticulously selected to serve your field recording needs. Its versatility extends beyond expectations, allowing you to capture subtle vibrations in diverse material and is real fun on metal surfaces!


High Sensitivity geophone
Polar pattern: omnidirectional
Frequency response: 10 – 1000+ Hz
Harmonic Distorsion (%): 0,7
Damping: 0,185
Impedance: 3500 Ω
Comes with 1.5 m of shielded Sommer High flex cable
and an XLR balanced, gold-plated black Neutrik connector.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

⚠ While the geophone sensor enhances your recordings, be aware that specific  areas and places with strong electromagnetic fields may lead to occasional electromagnetic interference. Embrace these unique quirks as you explore the world of sound with Xeofón.

⚠ Please be cautious around credit cards (magnetic stripes), cardiac pacemakers, and ICDs, as the neodymium magnets may cause interference.

Sound samples: